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Submit Flyers

Submit your flyers here, and they will be posted with the rest.

Post your links in the comments.

  1. Portugues:
    Visite (visit)
    Entenda (understand)
    Discuta (discuss)
    Compartilhe (share)

  2. msme permalink

    I like several of the flyers, however, those websites are shut down (some anyway.) How difficult would it be to update them with the Truth is Revolutionary site on them?

  3. Brickwall permalink

    I have a series of pictures here you can add:

  4. English :
    Gimp crudely modified already existing picture.

  5. Propaganda material – Polish / Polski

  6. Bernd permalink

    I still miss some ‘free bradley Manning’ stuff.

  7. Anonymoos permalink

    May be used as a sticker to paperstorm bus stop signs and so on…

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